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Text is Boring

A group of high school friends discovers how vast the world really is when they become targets of an insidious bureaucratic organization known as the Fun Police. Their secret goal: to eradicate all fun in the universe.


Matt (Actual Person)

Matt is just a, well not quite average, 14 year old kid. With above average smarts, an overactive imagination, and mediocre social skills, he has never quite fit in. Matt has always been a shy, overachiever, but is hoping to reinvent himself in high school to be a cool, popular, smart guy that can have it all. Matt enjoys drawing, cats, and all manner of nerdy pursuits. Matt has the unique quality of being able to fit in in all crowds, but never feels quite like he belongs. In a new school, hoping to escape the bullies of his past, Matt is just trying to live the average High School life, yet he somehow manages to find himself in an extraordinary situation with only his new friend, Paul, at his back to make sense of it.

Paul (Actual Person)

Equally geeky and fond of drawing, cats, and trains, Paul shares in the adventures of a very abnormal high school. He was just hoping for a less stressful time and an opportunity to do his best. Unfortunately, good grades are the least of his concerns. Smart but prone to worry, he sees all sorts of crazy things going on around him that most people seem to ignore. Sometimes the only one who understands is Matt. The two team up to save themselves and their new friends from many bizarre trials. It seems like this pair was made to back each other up. That and foil the Fun Police.

Terry (Actual Person)

Terry is Matt and Paul's main sidekick. A massive computer nerd, he helps out whenever technological savvy is needed. He's intelligent and cynical and hates stupidity more than he hates stone age tech.

Jake (Actual Person)

Jake is a newer member to the cast. After being sworn enemies for years, Matt and Jake became best friends again. Jake loves music, playing guitar, and being generally badass.

Aaron (Actual Person)

Aaron is Matt's younger brother. He loves baseball and video games. A reluctant participant in Matt's adventures, he can be cocky and aggressive but also naive. Although he'd never admit it, he looks up to his brother despite thinking he is a nerd.

Fun Police (Existence Unknown)

The Fun Police, or FPD, are an essentially pointless, misguided government bureaucracy with nearly unlimited resources to waste being inefficient. They are a ruthless group of maniacs bent on eradicating fun from the world. Fortunately for everyone, they are all incompetent morons. They use plunger-based weapons to be politically correct and scheme up convoluted plans to achieve their goals. Several have made themselves distinguished through horrible accidents or by abnormal behavior. You'll know these VIP FPD when you see them.

Darren Darringson (Fictional)

Darren Darringson is the one-upper. Anything that can be done, he can do better. He delights is one-upping everyone and is both loved and hated for it. He claims to have no weaknesses. We'll see.

Sharon Darringson (Fictional)

Sharon Darringson is the none-downer and cousin of Darren. She fails at everything in life and has no friends. Shown any amount of kindness, she will fall madly in love and serves to make everyone feel better about themselves.

Look for more characters as they appear!

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